Project Switchgear



implements the project titled.

"New generation electrical switchgear and support services as a key development investment at ELEKTRYK Sp. z o.o."

as part of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme 2014 - 2020, Sub-measure 1.5.2 Strengthening the competitiveness of key areas of the region's economy

The main objective of the project is to develop the activities of the company ELEKTRYK, related to the prefabrication of electrical switchgear, affecting the growth of its

innovation and competitiveness. The project is directed at the development of that branch of the company's business where the greatest added value can be offered, the most modern solutions can be implemented (which are in demand worldwide, thus increasing the company's reach), and where the potential, experience and know-how of the assembled team can be utilized. The project also aims to increase the efficiency and productivity of the existing switchgear prefabrication process, by reducing the material intensity of production and limiting the volume of waste (primarily copper busbars, of which about 5 tons are consumed each year).

The implementation of this project is expected to ultimately lead to an increase in the company's revenue, promote innovative products, build a strong position of the company in the market, attract new contractors and establish business relationships. Thanks to the investment, both the company's and the market's needs in terms of offerings will be met. Expanding the product catalog and implementing innovative solutions are essential and one of the company's most pressing needs.

Value of the project : 2,735,151.00 PLN

European Funds contribution : 999,553.15 PLN

Project implemented in the period 2016.05.02 - 2016.12.31

For more information on the ongoing project, please contact:
Paulina Pilarczyk-Wcisłek tel: +48 601 217 124

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