Electrical Installations

Based on many years of experience, we carry out installation work in large industrial and office buildings, installing, among other things: cable routes, transformer stations, structural networks, basic, emergency and evacuation lighting, alarm systems, SSWiN, lightning protection and grounding installations, SAP fire protection systems, CCTV monitoring, integrated management and monitoring systems (BMS and KNX) with visualization, KD access control systems.

We have our own supplies and logistics, so we complete the tasks entrusted to us efficiently, accurately and on time. We use only proven materials from leading manufacturers, which significantly increases the lifespan, ease and safety of use of the installations made by us.
Our installations are a guarantee of quality.

The energy efficiency of any building, comes from the proper use of its potential, the way it manages its various equipment and systems. Based on KNX and BMS systems, we can optimize the use of electricity by intelligently managing installed devices from groups such as air conditioning, heating, lighting. Security is also increased through the integration of alarm systems, fire alarms, monitoring networks or access control.

Carrying out electrical installations in large facilities, we put the above systems into practice, installing fixtures and programming their operation. Thus, we increase the control and security of any building.

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