Electrician a Business Gazelle

In 2013, Elektryk Sp. z o.o. received a prestigious award, given by the newspaper Puls Biznesu, for one of the most dynamically developing companies in the country!

Ranking of Business Gazelles - is a ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized companies. The first edition of the Business Gazelles ranking was held in 2000. Gazelle is a small to medium-sized company that, thanks to its extremely dynamic growth, is excelling among even much larger competitors.

The author of the ranking is the business intelligence agency Coface Poland, which is responsible for verifying the financial data of the reported companies.

Each edition of the ranking examines a company's performance for the full three preceding years. In the current edition, the results achieved in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 periods were reviewed.

A company that meets all of the following criteria could apply for the title of Business Gazelle 2013:

  • began operations before 2010 and has been doing so uninterruptedly ever since
  • in the base year of 2010, sales revenues were between 3 million and 200 million zlotys
  • from 2010 to 2012 recorded year-on-year growth in sales revenue
  • From 2010 to 2012, it has not once recorded a loss
  • made it possible to analyze its financial results from at least 2010 (either by publishing them in Monitor Polski B or by submitting the data to Coface Poland

The ranking is published in the form of a special issue of more than two hundred pages, which is included in the December issue of "Pulse of Business." In addition, a special website gazelles.pl has a full database of Business Gazelles, i.e. all companies that have been ranked, starting from 2000.

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