Economic mission to Iran

May 16 - 22, 2014. An economic mission of Wielkopolska entrepreneurs to the Islamic Republic of Iran took place. The mission was led by Mr. Mateusz Klemenski, Deputy Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, and the delegation included representatives of fifteen Wielkopolska companies, including our company Elektryk Sp. z o.o. The mission program was prepared jointly with the Polish Embassy in Tehran.

The purpose of the mission was to provide an opportunity to establish direct contact with economic partners in Iran and to increase the promotional capacity of the region.

While in Tehran, the delegation participated in a Polish-Iranian economic forum prepared jointly with the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mining. The Iranian guests were welcomed by Chamber Vice President Ali Akbar Farazi, who thanked them for coming and briefly introduced Iran's economic situation. He was followed by H.E. Juliusz Jacek Gojło, who emphasized Poland's historic ties with Iran, which we hope will now result in the rapid establishment of economic cooperation, which has unfortunately been hampered by sanctions imposed on Iran. At the end of the official part, the floor was taken by Mr. Mateusz Klemenski, Deputy Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, who presented Wielkopolska as a region with a dynamically developing economy, based on innovation and well-educated personnel. He also invited Iranian entrepreneurs to Greater Poland. This was followed by a B2B business meeting, during which Wielkopolska entrepreneurs had the opportunity to hold direct talks with Iranian partners.

Another highlight of the visit was a meeting with the Governor of Tehran, during which both sides emphasized the more than 500 years of good cooperation between the two nations, which will be a good basis for developing economic relations in the future. The Governor expressed the hope that the imminent loosening of sanctions will open a new chapter in Iran's history by allowing it to develop rapidly economically.

The next day, the official part of the delegation and a representative of Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. met with Mr. Payman Sanandaji, Director of Tehran Bus Company. The main topic of discussion was the possibility of exporting buses from Greater China to Tehran. The Iranian side emphasized the excellent quality of our buses and the great needs that the growing city of Tehran has for public transportation. Mr. Marshall invited the company's representative to visit Wielkopolska so that he could see Solaris' potential on the spot.

At the end of the day, the Wielkopolska delegation was invited to a meeting at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tehran, in which, in addition to Mr. Ambassador Juliusz Gojło and Mr. Grzegorz Lepiarczyk, 1st Secretary for Foreign Affairs, the delegation was invited to a meeting at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tehran. Mr. Bernbeck President of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce also attended, and shared with businesses his experience in trade cooperation with Iran.

The Greater Iranian delegation then traveled to Isfahan, the historic capital of Iran and now a thriving economic center (the largest production of steel, building materials and textiles in Iran).

An economic forum was held at the headquarters of the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture on May 19, with the participation of Iranian companies interested in cooperation with the Wielkopolska region.

On Tuesday, a meeting was held with the management of the Isfahan Technology Park, which also manages an economic zone covering an area of 12,000. ha. The chairman of the Park briefly outlined the premises of the zone's operation. It offers land for investment (the condition for granting the land is majority Iranian capital in the company). Media are provided for free, and the investor receives an 8-year tax exemption and export tax credit, as well as expert advice on business management.

Chairman of the Wielkopolska delegation Mr. Mateusz Klemenski - Deputy Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region laid flowers at the Polish World War II-era cemetery in the local Christian cemetery.

Throughout their stay, the entrepreneurs held individual business meetings with local companies in addition to the official program.

Iran, in the unanimous opinion of the mission participants, is an attractive market for Polish products. Currently, economic sanctions imposed on Iran stand in the way of effective trade growth between our countries. The recent reduction of these sanctions and the ongoing international talks give hope for an imminent improvement in the situation. It is therefore important that Greater Iranian companies are prepared to enter the Iranian market with their offerings. The future development of the economy and growing needs encourage more activity.

The mission was co-financed under the key project "Comprehensive promotion of economy and investment in Wielkopolska", within the framework of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program 2007-2013, Priority I Competitiveness of enterprises Measure 1.5 Promotion of regional economy.

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