Customers and Suppliers


Since the company's inception, we have tried to engage in more and more projects and investments. The value of the work entrusted to us each year, is estimated in millions of zlotys. This is the best confirmation of the professionalism and trust our customers have in us.

We carry out work on large industrial, office and research facilities, as well as medium and small enterprises. The company's dynamic growth allows it to carry out increasingly large and responsible tasks. To date, we have implemented investments including. For such companies and corporations as Meyer Tool Poland, Comforty, Nestle Poland, Big Star, Pratt & Whitney, Correct, COM40, UTC Aerospace, Dossche, Teknia, ProfiM, Colian sp. z o.o., Killargo, Vossloh, and many others.

On the basis of commercial agreements, we cooperate with many production plants, conducting continuous supply of production lines and maintenance departments.


Applying the policy of the highest quality, we use only proven suppliers and manufacturers, with a stable position in the market, offering products of the highest quality. Being a member of the Inter-Elektro Group and Imelco, we can negotiate favorable terms. All this translates into a rich and attractive offer for our customers and their satisfaction with our services.

In particular, we work with companies such as ABB, Schneider-Electric, General Electric, Siemens, Philips, EATON, Osram, Bosch, Omron, LappKabel and many others. We have already signed more than 150 commercial agreements.

We strive to import each commodity directly from the manufacturers, thus guaranteeing the originality of all products.

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