Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy - download - click here

The priority goal of Elektryk Sp. z o.o. Ltd. in terms of environmental policy are measures that enable operations to be conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

Being aware of the importance of environmental issues and further development, we are committed to complying with legal requirements and other environmental regulations applicable to our business activities.

Environmental protection occupies an important place among the tasks carried out by the company, as it plays an important role in the consciousness of the Owner and the company.

The environmental policy of Elektryk Sp. z o.o. targets the following environmental goals:

  • Fulfillment of the requirements under the environmental law for the processes carried out at Elektryk Sp. z o.o.
  • Conservation of natural resources through rational use of energy and water,
  • Systematic raising of environmental awareness of personnel,
  • Creating environmentally friendly activities among customers and suppliers,
  • Maintenance of equipment in a state of technical efficiency,
  • Minimize the amount of waste generated during the implemented processes
  • Safe and responsible transfer of waste generated.

The company's management and employees have familiarized themselves with this policy and are committed to its implementation by setting and achieving the environmental tasks and objectives arising from this policy.

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