About the company


The mission of Elektryk Sp. z o. o. is to provide comprehensive assistance and support to companies, institutions and individuals in the implementation of all projects related to the electroenvironmental industry. Our activities are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of small and large enterprises by installing the latest technological solutions. Our main focus is on the supply of electricity goods and services, expanded to include topics of energy optimization, also using alternative sources of energy generation (photovoltaics and other green energy sources). We believe that this very strategy is the way to gain and sustain a long-term competitive advantage among companies in the industry offering identical commodity groups and services.


Elektryk was founded by Jozef Pilarczyk in 1985. Year after year, it strengthened its position by carrying out more and more advanced electrical installation work. Market demand and a widening circle of customers initiated further development of the company, expanding its offerings to include professional electrical design, electrical supervision and the development of wholesale sales.
In 2006, the company joined the Inter-Elektro Group, and 3 years later became Elektryk Spółka z o.o.. Since then, it has been carrying out design work, electrical contracting and supervision, full-scale automation installations, prefabrication of electrical switchgear, wholesale and retail sales of electrotechnical articles.
Each year, it expands the scope of the work it performs, becoming more and more competitive in the market.

For many years, we have been cooperating with the State Higher Vocational School in Kalisz, which results in the education of students in the fields of energy, automation and related fields. We share knowledge during student and graduate internships, often creating jobs for the best. At the same time, in cooperation with vocational schools and the Voluntary Labor Corps, we educate young people through a vocational education program for students.


We currently have a turnover of 50 million. PLN. annually. Year after year, the company is expanding its personnel potential. Thanks to its solid and systematic work and professional performance, it is strengthening its position on the Polish market. This guarantees its harmonious development and creates stable attitudes of existence.

We participate dynamically in the process of development of Polish entrepreneurship, through continuous implementation of new types of electrical apparatus or intelligent building management systems. The solutions we use stem from a passion for learning what is better and more beneficial for our customers.
We are constantly looking for new partners, new markets, and participate in trade fairs, symposiums and training courses. We are improving our industry qualifications in the fields of electrical, telecommunications and information technology. We take on newer and newer challenges with courage.
We also do not forget about the future, of which youth is a fundamental element. We provide courses and internships for technical school and college students. We are an active member of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Kalisz.


Wanting to expand our knowledge and contacts, we participate in conferences, symposiums and economic missions abroad, gaining new partners and new markets.

We are not limited to Europe, but also direct our attention to countries in Asia and the Middle East (Iran, South Africa, Kazakhstan, India).

We are increasingly doing business with foreign partners coming from, among others. From Germany, England, France, India or Russia.

Being part of the international Imelco group, we have the opportunity to influence the pricing process of the Polish electrical industry by negotiating prices with the largest manufacturers of electrical goods in the world.

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